Our Tattoo Removal Program has helped thousands of people erase the emotionally painful reminders of their past by removing tattoos that are social barriers. Tattoo removal provides a gateway to employment, increased self-esteem, and improved social mobility. A team of caring doctors and nurses are the backbone of the program, volunteering their time to provide care that reduces social stigma.

Helpful Information

Tattoo Removal is a service for people living below 200% of the federal poverty level:

Persons in
200% of Federal
Poverty Level
1 $1,915/month or $22,980/year
2 $2,585/month or $31,020/year
3 $3,255/month or $39,060/year
4 $3,925/month or $47,100/year
5 $4,595/month or $55,140/year


Outside In uses a Medlite C3 laser to remove tattoos. The laser is a charged beam of light that passes across the surface of the skin to the ink in the tattoo. The laser breaks up large clumps of ink to form tiny particles. The small particles are then carried away by the skin’s immune system. Sessions are scheduled 5-6 weeks apart to give the immune system time to remove the ink particles.

It generally takes 6-15 sessions to remove a tattoo. The number of sessions depends on the type of ink that was used, how deep the tattoo is, and other factors.The laser works best on black, red, or yellow tattoos. It cannot fully remove sky blue or light green ink. 

Outside In uses the Zimmer Cryo 6 Chiller during treatments to decrease the pain of tattoo removal.

To enroll in the program, please follow the link to fill out an application for tattoo removal. For additional information, please call 503.535.3902. Se habla español.

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